Welcome to The Wholesome Playhouse

The Wholesome Playhouse is a licensed home daycare that focuses on nurturing the whole child through nutrition, active play, exploration, self-discovery, creative arts, and academics. To accomplish this, we offer a holistic program that will meet all your child’s developmental needs:

  • Health Development
    ability to have lots of energy fueled by wholesome and organic vegetarian meals and healthy bodies thanks to the use of eco-friendly products

  • Social Emotional Development
    ability to identify feelings, self-regulate, and build relationships

  • Physical Development
    strengthen gross and fine motor skills with lots of fun and engaging activities

  • Language & Literacy Development
    ability to communicate and connect with others through listening, speaking, reading, and writing

  • Mathematics & Reasoning Development
    ability to count, understand number sense, manipulate objects in space, create patterns, sort, compare and measure

  • Science Development
    ability to explore everyday life, physical properties within our surrounding environment and to make sense of concepts such as weather, natural habitats, and technology

  • Creative Development
    ability to take risks, make connections, and explore own curiosities through visual arts, music, dance, and dramatic play

Our program for early childhood learning is designed to fulfill the above listed facets of your child’s development. We are excited to witness your child’s growth. Let their journey to academic learning start at The Wholesome Playhouse!