Child Care Philosophy

Here at The Wholesome Playhouse, we are committed to promoting quality child care and education for all children from birth to age 5 based on these key values:

Learning Through Play

  • Carefully prepared learning centers allow children to actively interact with materials to help form conceptual understandings of abstract concepts
  • The curriculum is flexible and may be modified to meet the child’s needs and interests
  • We encourage children to explore their innate creativity and imagination
  • Montessori-inspired materials are provided to allow children to work at their own pace and challenge themselves

Fostering Independence & Responsibility

  • Children are given opportunities to develop self-help skills and life skills
  • Children are encouraged to make their own choices and solve their own problems
  • Each child is given a daily responsibility to help keep the classroom clean and tidy
  • Children are taught be cautious, not fearful

Safe and Comforting Environment

  • We promise to keep children safe by following the WAC health and safety regulations
  • We promise to provide a chemical-free environment with a focus towards the use of eco-friendly products

Healthy Living

  • Vegetarian meals that are both organic and nutritious are prepared fresh daily
  • Children learn to grow their own produce in our backyard garden and help in meal preparation
  • Children spend 45 minutes to 1.5 hours a day outdoors exploring in our nature playground and the surrounding community

Sense of Community

  • Multi-age groups recreates a family structure where older children are encouraged to be mentors and role models for the younger children
  • A consistent daily routine is established to create a sense of comfort and predictability
  • We embrace diversity and teach children about all cultures and traditions