In A Glimpse

Convenient Location
We are located near the intersection of I-405 and SR 520. A convenient stop on your commute to work in Downtown Bellevue, Redmond, and Seattle.
Clean, Safe, and Comforting Environment
It is undeniable that a home environment is the most comforting, which is why our daycare is the best of both worlds as it is licensed for the health and safety of young children and yet it still keeps its home-like charm.
Bleach-Free Sanitizing
It’s evident that bleach is a harmful chemical that should not be used around children, which is why we have chosen to use an EPA approved hydrogen peroxide solution to keep our home and toys germ-free without risking the health of your children.
Eco-Friendly Household
The house is outfitted with eco-friendly and all-natural products that keep both the environment and our bodies healthy.
Mixed-Aged Group
Children from birth to age 5 are all together. Older children will learn how to be role models for the younger children.
Personal & Individualized Care
With a small group of up to 12 children and 2 or even 3 staff members during the day, your child will get the very best individualized care with plenty of one-on-one interaction.
Real-Time Communication
Instead of getting your child’s daily report during pick-up time, you will be updated at real-time of your child’s naps, eating habits, diaper/potty schedule, activities, and milestones through the use of the “brightwheel” app.
ESL-Friendly for Mandarin Chinese
All staff members are proficient in speaking both English and Mandarin and are able to guide children in both languages. We can help your child get more accustomed to the English language or teach your child to understand and speak Chinese in a conversational manner.
Emphasis on Play
Learning is meant to be fun; that means no worksheets will ever be used. Children learn and grow developmentally through play and exploration as they practice their skills in real life situations.
Comprehensive Preschool Curriculum
Offered for children as young as 2 years, children will go through a 3 year program that will prepare them for Kindergarten.
Multilingual Studies
In addition to learning to understand and speak Mandarin Chinese in everyday situations, children will also be taught Spanish vocabulary that coincides with the monthly curriculum theme.
Child-Centered Learning
We follow the needs and interests of the children, which means that we do not adhere to a strict schedule. If the children are engaged in their learning, we may play for longer than originally planned; if they are not, we will change to a different activity based on their current interests and curiosities.
Montessori-Inspired Toys
Our room is filled with toys commonly found in a Montessori school. These beautiful toys are made of quality material and are meant to allow for your child to learn skills at their own pace, use their own imagination, and foster a sense of independence.
Organic & Vegetarian Meals
We are proud to serve nutritious vegetarian meals with an emphasis on making eating fruits and vegetables fun and delicious.
Backyard Vegetable Garden
In addition to serving fresh grown produce, children are given their own garden box to grow and care for their favorite vegetables.
Backyard Nature Playground
The spacious backyard is designed to allow children to explore and play with natural elements and to develop their gross motor abilities.