Meet the Owner

Krystal Wang
Owner and Primary Caregiver
Krystal Wang

  • Early Childhood Education State Certificate (45+ credits), Bellevue College
  • 10 hours of annual continual education
  • Infant, Child and Adult CPR Training
  • Basic First Aid Training
  • Infant Safe Sleep Training
  • HIV/AIDS Training
  • Food Handler’s Permit

The Wholesome Playhouse was a dream that became a reality in April of 2016. After working at the local YMCA for 3 years as a Kid Zone counselor and being a part-time nanny for multiple families throughout the greater Seattle area, my love for working with children has grown exponentially. So with a drive towards entrepreneurship and a passion for kids, the vision of The Wholesome Playhouse was born. Within months, I had bought a house and embarked on a full renovation whilst taking over 50 credits of early childhood education courses at Bellevue College to broaden my knowledge of teaching in a professional setting. And later to gain classroom experience, I worked at a local private preschool as an assistant teacher to learn the ins and outs of how a commercial child care center is operated and how to provide the best educational experience for young children.

As a health and eco-conscious individual who eats a plant-based diet and has eliminated the use of chemical-ridden products, I realized that commercial child care centers did not meet my expectations of what I believe young children deserve. I believe that children should be served fresh and nutritious meals with as many fruits and vegetables as possible and be raised in an environment that is free of chemicals that are harmful to their young bodies. For this reason, I opened The Wholesome Playhouse to finally offer a quality child care service that promises that the children’s health and education are of top priority and to provide parents with a peace of mind that their child is thriving in the best possible environment. I am not opening a business that runs on efficiency so that it can care for hundreds of children, I am devoting myself to raising a special handful of children as if they were my own and making sure they begin their life journey with a healthy body and a bright mind.