Food & Nutrition

We believe that a healthy mind and body are fueled by wholesome and nutritious ingredients, which is why we have decided to serve only vegetarian meals so that the children can be introduced to a variety of fruits and vegetables at an early age. Most meals will be made entirely from scratch; in the case that a packaged item is served, it will be with minimal ingredients and organic if possible.

We will provide breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack each day following the USDA food requirements for children. Organic milk is served with breakfast and lunch, and water is served with snacks and throughout the day. Specifically, infants under 12 months will be fed either breast milk or iron-fortified formula that you will need to provide; children between 1-2 years of age will receive organic pasteurized whole milk; and children 2 years and older will be served organic pasteurized low-fat milk. The meals and snacks for each week will constantly vary in order to ensure the children receive a well-balanced diet with certainly no lack in protein with the exclusion of animal meat products.